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Jan 5th 2013
On the Southern Oregon Coast
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Herdwick Sheep
Herdwicks in the Lake District

Herdwicks in the snow in Brookings,Oregon!

Good solid sheep.  Very parasite resistant.  Mainly raised for meat.  The lambs wool is soft but as the sheep age they have wool resembling carpet!  Great if you weave blankets or make rugs.  Sheep meat is the original slow food.  I don't fast raise my sheep for quick return.  They are with their mothers for longer and they are raised only on grass and hay.  I only give chemical wormer if  necessary.  Sheep work well for me as they are minimal care animals and in additionto the meat and wool and the neatly clipped pasture. I use the manure on the garden and it is really paying off!  So if you are thinking of adding a few animals to your homestead: Give Sheep a Chance!

I don't have any Herdwick breeding stock for sale at the moment.  We are hoping to get fresh semen next year from England.  We have had problems with red tape!  I do have some semen left from the second ram, and we might use it in the fall of 2013

Ewe at 3 months of age

At 12 months of age

62.5% Ram lambs
For information on Herdwick sheep for sale please drop me an e-mail.

Photo courtesy of Mary Bell http://www.crookabeck.co.uk/

This is the ram in England that we have collected from.  His scrapie test results are ARR ARR the highest resistance.
He is magnificent!  Huggable!
I do not dock my lambs tails or fix the boys.  I really do not find it necessary.  When you make any invasion it causes stress and possible infection.  My shearer does not like that I have tails but she will have to admit we have never had a problem.  I just like to go natural.  And it may seem odd that I do not dip the navels either.  In nature there is nobody around to dip the babies navel in iodine!  I have never had a problem with it.  I have one ewe though that always bits the tail off of at least one of her babies in her enthusiasm to get the baby licked.  When I see that I give a tetanas shot to the baby.  

Lambs just started February 21st. 2013 Funny it is always the same ewe who is first.  Last year as each one had her babies she would go up to the old chicken house and be safe and warm.  

The llama has to get to know the new babies!

 Herdwick Sheep (click to see babies )

Livestock Guardian Dogs
I have to sadly report that my Emma and Steed are no longer with me.  Emma died last May 2012 and Steed just a few weeks ago.  They were both 11 years old and I have to say the Maremmas are incredible.  No training needed, clean dogs and on call 24/7.  Best to get them as puppies and they will bond with whatever they are raised with.  
My Mo who is a Komondor is very loyal but a bit of a fruit cake!  He just wants to protect me and be with me at all times.  My knight in a very shaggy coat.  The really good news is that  on March 3rd my husband is bringing home a new female Maremma Puppy.  I am naming her Bella. She has some very big paws to fill!

Farmers Market Information:

 The Farmers Market at the  Grange in Harbor will be open from March 27th 2013 and is to be every Wednesday from 10-3 for the whole year!


My main crops are Heirloom tomates, Heirloom garlic, heirloom potatoes,  Beets, carrots, onions, green beans, snow peas and salad.

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If you want to order lamb drop me an e-mail Linda@riyescott.com

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