Herdwick Sheep in the Lake District

Valued for their meat and pelts, the wool is coarse and mostly used for blankets and rugs.  But the guard hair allows them to stay warm and dry even in the bleakest of weather.  A hill breed that grows slowly into the most delicious meat.  This is slow food at its best.  The lambs are born black and then turn shades of grey some almost white.  You can see the pelt potential for some very unique rugs.  

These pictures were taken when I was in the Lake District this September 2007.  They are a quiet sheep and are very hardy.  This spring will see 50% Herdwicks here in Oregon and the following year I will have 75% lambs.  It would be nice if they would allow frozen embryo transplant but I don't want to wait so the upgrade program is underway!
You can see below the beautiful area that these sheep are found.  This is in summer but the North of England can have some harsh winters.