Herdwick sheep on the Southern Oregon Coast
Exciting news!  We Ai'd in October.  And so far I have not seen the ram breed the ewes that should be carrying the new Herdwicks.  We Ai'd 4 of the 5 ewes so I am very hopeful that 75% Herdwicks will be here in March.   The wool is carpet grade,although the lambs wool feels very soft. It makes good weaving yarn.  The pelts are beautiful, not one the same as another.  The meat is favored by the Queen of England (so I am told).  I will be leaving the tails on as this is the way they do it in England.

Some of the Herdwicks December 2008
Trixie is a Border Leicester/Scottish black faced cross ewe.  A good and protective mom.  This is her second single female for me.  
Pretty female ewe lamb.  Not for sale. I have named her Tina.
Born on  March 6th 2008 out of Herdwick ram number 1
Even though this little boy is white I think he looks most like a Herdwick in his head and ears.  He also was the first born to a Finn ewe called Ruby.  
Born on the 139th day of gestation on  February 27th 2008 out of Herdwick ram number 1
I am calling him Amos
I had only one Suffolk ewe that took.   A set of triplets.

Born on March 4th 2008 out of  Herdwick ram number 1
Here is their sister.  Not for sale.  Her  coat looks like tweed Berber carpet!  Called Suzie

And Lamb ram number 2

Out of a cross ewe part PolyPay and part Icelandic.  Freckles.  Set of twins but the little girl half got away from mom and is now my bottle baby.  
Born March 3rd 2008 out of Herdwick ram number 1

Not a good photo as you know with bottle babies they just run toward you!  Not for sale.
Frankie for now
As I started collecting ewes last year for this project a lady called and said she had a cross bummer ewe that she wanted to sell.  Victoria had been allowed in the house with diepers on and was regulary bathed in "Victoria Secret " bath wash.  Hence the name.  $25 was all she wanted for this sheep.  Turned out to be a Poly Pay /Fresian  cross.  And can you believe a set of quads.  Two girls and two boys.

Born March 5th 2008 out of Herdwick ram number 1

Girl one.  Not for sale.  Vickie
Girl two.  Not for sale
Felicia gave me twin boys.  The one I am using on the girls this fall has a beautiful set of horns